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The Institute has developed training courses for studio music teachers which are open to members and nonmembers.

The flowchart illustrates a professional development pathway for members and non-members: view flowchart (PDF).

New - Teacher Education Refresh (TER) Programme

The Education Council has worked with IRMT and MENZA to develop a TER programme for Music teachers that they will be able to enrol in at the start of 2017. This is for teachers who need to renew their provisional practising certificate. (The Education Council will provide extensions to teachers whose practising certificate has expired or expires whilst completing the programme on proof of enrolment. If your practising certificate has already expired and you have a teaching position that starts at the beginning of the 2017 school year the Council will consider an extension so long as there is a genuine intention to enrol once enrolments open.)

The course has 4 modules, covering Curriculum Assessment, Planning and Teaching, Tomorrows learning Communities (including health and safety), Professional Teacher Practices, and Cultural Competence. It is delivered largely online, in an independent learning style, and with flexible timeframes negotiable to suit the needs and interests of the candidates. Every effort has been made to keep costs to a minimum and relevance to the individual candidate paramount.

Registration forms and course details are available from Wendy Hunt at irmtter@gmail.com

NOTE : If you are a Music teacher teaching on a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) TER does not apply to you. You will need to send your application for a LAT into the Council in the usual way. This should be done as soon as possible if you are intending to teach at the start of 2017 and your current LAT has expired or is about to expire. Note that if you provided your Proof of Identity with your last LAT application then you will not be required to provide this again.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is designed for musicians who have attained senior levels in practical and theory components and wish to pursue a career in teaching music.

Please read the Foundation Course Summary document for information about course objectives, learning outcomes, time frame and course outline. The Registration Form is also available.  If you live in the Auckland area, consider applying for the Thelma Gordon Scholarship Grant.

All inquiries should be directed to Course Coordinator, Wendy Hunt, at wendyhunt0@gmail.com

Intermediate Course

This course helps course participants acquire and apply a wide range of technical skills relating to pedagogy and teaching methods for the candidate's chosen instrument at the Grade 4 - 5 level and follows on from the Foundation Course.

Please read the  Intermediate Course Summary document for information about course objectives, learning outcomes, time frame and course outline. The Registration Form is also available. 

All inquiries should be directed to Course Coordinator, Wendy Hunt, at wendyhunt0@gmail.com

Advanced Course

This course follows on from the Intermediate Course and covers networking, pedagogy and detailed studies of music types. Participants must commit to three phases of study and a practical workshop day.

Please read the Advanced Course Summary document for information. The Registration Form is also available.

All inquiries should be directed to Course Coordinator, Wendy Hunt, ( wendyhunt0@gmail.com )

IRMTNZ Teacher Training Library

IRMTNZ members may borrow library books, videos, CDs and DVDs from the list for $6.50 per item (inclusive of GST) which covers the postage and packaging. If borrowing items in person, the charge is $5.00 per item (inclusive of GST). To obtain these, please contact the Librarian:

  Wendy Hunt
  513 Whitehead Road
  Hastings 4120  

  Tel/Fax: (06) 878 8297
  Email:  wendyhunt0@gmail.com

Click here to view and save the list of items held by the library. (81 kb, PDF)

Please send your name, address, phone number and email address where possible, and include your cheque ($6.50 per item) made out to Wendy Hunt, IRMT Library, with your order.  The item will be forwarded with a tax invoice.  Rental is for one month from the receipt of the cheque and the item must be returned in a postage pre-paid bubble envelope at the borrower’s expense.

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