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The articles below sample each 56 page issue. The blue links are to PDFs (typically 200 kb)

Oct 2015
Ritmico April 2015

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Oct 2014
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 Jul 2013
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 Apr 2013
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 Stand alone

Acoustic versus Digital Piano and the Physics of Sound - Roland Matley

An article on how sound is generated

 Oct 2012
Ritmico October 2012


 June 2012
Ritmico June 2012


 March 2012
Ritmico March 2012

 October 2011
Ritmico October 2011
 June 2011
Ritmico June 2011

Precis of Professor Terence Dennis on the Young Chopin
Chopin (1810-1849) as a young man moved from Poland to France following Russian suppression of an uprising. His early work is that of a student in Poland, and a gifted and observant student is an excellent encapsulation of the music of a particular time. The Romantic period is somewhat arbitrarily defined as beginning in 1820, when Chopin was 10. The beginnings of that young genius trace the development of the Romantic Era.

 March 2011
Ritmico March 2011

Precis of Echoes and Reflections.
Professor Dennis gives examples of "Echoes" - Either old aural recordings by the composer, or predating that, cases where ornamentation was recorded as dictated so the intentions of a composer were noted. "Reflections" are more a mirror of the original. An example is  the Previn recasting into Jazz idiom the song "My Fair Lady" which originally was cast for non-singer Rex Harrison.


What the Romantic Felt and What the Impressionist Saw - Ian Munro

Read in full: Ian Munro’s lecture at ‘The Flow of Music: 1510-2010’  Conference
in Hamilton, January 2010

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